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“OTx” -- Over The Counter Therapeutics
---PMEDS is leading the way

Historically, the allopathic physician has been the exclusive and restricted domain of Pharmaceutical companies because, generally, Nutraceuticals don’t have meaningful clinical evidence and the Nutraceutical companies just don’t know how to sell to physicians.

So, while Nutraceutical science and manufacturing technology have advanced tremendously in the last decade, the fact that human clinical evidence has not been the focus, the industry has lost out on the bigger and higher-value potential of nutritional science being integrated into mainstream healthcare.

PMEDS was founded to bridge the divide between the allopathic physician and nutritional science, and we lead the way in the “OTx” space:

  • Our pharmaceutical-like brands are supported by robust clinical evidence from meaningful randomized clinical trials
  • Our products are promoted to physicians via medical education and promoted directly to physicians using a professional pharmaceutical sales force